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Art: Magnetic Fields 1 
This article is pursuant to understanding electro-magnetic fields (EMF). Here we will introduce and discuss the Magnetic field.

Magnetic fields are a type of radiation. They are an influence that extends from a source. In the case of a simple bar magnet, the magnet is the source, and the influence that extends from it, is the Magnetic field.

As we know, a Magnetic field has an affect (an influence) on materials that are called - magnetic. Iron is the most common magnetic material. A magnet attracts an iron object. It is the Magnetic field that extends from the magnet that touches (we could say) the iron object and pulls it toward the magnet.

A magnet, such as a simple bar magnet, is called a permanent magnet, if it holds its magnetism (extends its Magnetic field) without any external help.

Most of us have done the elementary school experiment where we created a magnet from an iron (steel) nail, a coil of wire and a battery. This is called an electromagnet. It is a magnet and has a Magnetic field radiating from it, as long as the current (a flow of electrons) is flowing through the coil of wire from the battery.

When we interrupt the flow of current in the coil of wire, the magnetism of the iron nail, ceases.

We will continue with this magnetic field topic in the next article.

Note: Above we define EMF to be electro-magnetic field. It is also common for EMF to mean electro-magnetic force.