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An Open Letter Concerning EMF From Solar/Wind Inverters

I hope this note finds you well.

I am writing to you today to let you know about two specific research papers that address the effects on human physiology, of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) that are found to be radiating from power wiring, due to the switching inverters typically used in both photovoltaic solar systems and wind generation systems. I am sending this email to several friends and associates in Fairfield Iowa and several friends and associates outside of Fairfield.


Recently I have been receiving telephone calls and emails with regard to the announcement that there may be the addition of a photovoltaic solar panel system to the Gentlemen’s meditation hall (the Golden Dome), here in Fairfield Iowa.

The reason for the aforementioned contacts, is the concern by those persons, that such an installation would impose unhealthy electromagnetic fields within the meditation hall.

Since solar photovoltaic systems (as well as wind generation systems) produce DC (direct current), and most appliances require AC (50/60 Hz alternating current), in such an installation a switching regulator commonly known as an Inverter, is used to convert the DC to AC.

In short, a switching Inverter leaks high frequency energy onto the AC lines that is called Dirty Electricity (a term-of-art). The concern is that this Dirty Electricity will cause the radiation of EMF into the meditation hall, from the existing wiring in the hall, and be unhealthy for the meditators.

The purpose of this correspondence is to provide information that will help you to make your own decisions, and hopefully, to help slow the flood of inquiries that are being sent to me.

The Distance of The Solar Array From The Facility Is Not A Factor In Causing Dirty Electricity EMF

I have been asked the following question, over and over again, in just the past few days.

If the solar array (or wind generator) and its associated Inverter are placed at a significant distance from the facility, will the Dirty Electricity EMF be less?

There is NOT much advantage from such a separation. The Dirty Electricity voltages and currents are moving in the wiring that connects the Inverter with the facility. They will travel to the facility in the wiring, and then the Dirty Electricity voltages and currents will typically (see next paragraph) radiate into the facility interior spaces as Dirty Electricity EMF.

If the AC wiring within a facility is enclosed within metal tubing or other metal armored shielding, the radiation of Dirty Electricity EMF into the facility spaces will be less-than, the case of no shielding.

A Significant Misunderstanding by Some Experts Concerning Pulsing EMF

Pulsing means that the EMF is being turned on and off, at some particular rate. This is common in a variety of modern-world EMF environments such as cell phones, Wifi and switching regulators. NOTE: an Inverter used for solar or wind generation is a switching Inverter. It is pulsing on and off (typically) at 16 kHz to 20 kHz.

When a technical expert, such as an electrical engineer or physicist, who has NOT studied this area, ( the unhealthy effects to humans from pulsing EMF ), is asked about pulsing with regard to unhealthy effects, that expert might respond that the pulsing is a “plus” or “positive aspect” because it results in a lower average power.

A considerable amount of evidence points to, exactly the opposite. The following research papers demonstrate that, pulsing significantly heightens the unhealthy effects of EMF.

Research Papers

In my blog, I have a Research page where I highlight published research papers, and certain government documents.

The research papers are authored by highly credentialed individuals and have been published is refereed journals.

Paper 1

In this paper Andrew Marino Phd, et al, Louisiana State University, present a convincing research experiment that specifically shows how an imposed EMF was undetected by the test subject as long as it was NOT pulsing. When the EMF was then pulsed, very dramatic ill-health symptoms resulted.

Andrew Marino has, what might be the optimal degree for this work. He holds a Phd in Bio-Physics.

Paper 2

In this paper, the authors clearly address the subject of differing research results by various investigators. Some research in this area, for many years now, will report negative health effects from EMF and cite cause and effect. Other research has reported that there is no clear cause and effect.

In this paper (Paper 2), the researchers present a new method of analysis that allows all research to effectively demonstrate the cause and effect, with regard to negative health effects of EMF.

The researchers focus on Low Frequency EMF, which is the arena for Dirty Electricity and as such is of great interest in understanding how the Inverter in a solar or wind generation system can impact human health.

The researchers explain the mechanisms of the EMF effect within in the human body, and discuss various biological processes and how they are affected by EMF.

In this paper (Paper 2), the researchers present an extensive review of other published research initiatives and present them with a new understanding of cause and effect.

Here is the link to the research page on my blog. Both papers are linked there, and by following those links, you will arrive at the authors site for reading or downloading their papers.

NOTE: The authors have graciously presented their work as downloadable PDF files. If you have a continued interest in this area, I suggest that you download the papers to your hard disk. It has been my experience that sometimes papers become unavailable.

Dirty electricity relevant research

This Email As A Web Page and A Technology Solution

The entirety of this email is available as a web page on my blog. In addition, that web page presents a Technology Solution (a filter) that allows the use of the so-called Dirty Electricity Inverters with a very significant reduction in the Dirty Electricity that would otherwise be imposed upon the AC wiring in the facility (residential, institutional, commercial, industrial).

If you wish to let others know about this correspondence, feel free to forward it.
Note though, that it may be much easier and a bit more complete to simply send along the web page URL that has all of this content and additional info as well. Here is the URL:
Web Page for this email.

Building Biology

A professional Building Biologist will assess various of your environments and help you to live a healthy life. Assessing EMF, including Dirty Electricity, is one of their avenues of evaluating “building health”.

A Final Note

In this correspondence, you may have noted that I did not state a personal “position”, that Inverters used in solar and wind generation systems cause ill health. Furthermore, I did not state that all Inverters used in solar and wind generation systems will necessarily produce Dirty Electricity.

On the cautious side, though, I will mention that for the past 12 months I have been contacted by many Building Biologists around the US and it certainly seems that those installations that have been studied by the Building Biologists have contained Inverters that produce Dirty Electricity.

– I have written this correspondence to provide you with relevant information and to try to slow down the flood of inquiries about this topic – all the inquiries ask the same questions.
– I reported that many people have contacted me who believe that Dirty Electricity EMF is unhealthy and are concerned about the possibility of imposing that into the meditation hall (Golden Dome).
– I have pointed you to some very relevant, well executed and professionally documented research, by highly credentialed individuals that shows ill health effects from EMF, and that appear to validate the concerns of those who have contacted me.
– I have explained, at a very high level and in simple language, how Dirty Electricity from an Inverter can indeed produce a Dirty Electricity EMF within a facility.
– I have made you aware of a Technology Solution that allows the Dirty Electricity from an Inverter to be greatly reduced.
– I have noted the availability of Building Biologists to assist with determining if Dirty Electricity is a matter-of-concern for you.

I hope that this has been helpful to you.

Thank-you for reading this.

Blessings to you and to everyone,
Robert Palma


Technology Solution For Dirty Electricity From Solar/Wind Inverters

For many months (9 months or so), my brother and I were contacted by Building Biologists, on the subject of ill health effects from the Inverters used for solar and wind generation systems. The Building Biologists were encountering significant levels of EMF from Inverter Dirty Electricity. Not surprisingly, their clients were experiencing significant ill health effects.

These Inverters are not small devices. They are not small in terms of size, weight and the power that they handle. An inverter on the low end might handle one or two kilowatts. On the high end, they extend well above 10 kws.

The point here is that this very significant amount of power is being switched on and off at 16 kHz or 20 kHz (typically) and the resulting Dirty Electricity can be very strong.

The Building Biologists asked us repeatedly to design a device that would provide a very significant amount of reduction in this Dirty Electricity. While there are a number of products on the market, that accomplish a 10:1 reduction, the Inverter Dirty Electricity was so strong, that 10:1 was not even close to being a “solution”.

To make a long story short, we designed the DNA Line Filter, specifically for this need. It accomplishes a 500:1 reduction in DE at 16 kHz and higher reduction at higher frequencies. It is available in two models that handle either 30 amperes or 100 amperes of 50/60 Hz AC. Many installations will require 2 each DNA Line Filters.

Here is the link to the page that describes the DNA Line Filter. The Installation Manual is also available for download. The DNA Line Filter must be installed by a qualified Electrician.
DNA Line Filter URL

NOTE: DNA means, Dissipative Noise Attenuation

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