A telephone line Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system has been located.


FirstPoint(tm) Energy Corporation N.A.
1800 NW 169th Place, Suite B-100
Beaverton, Oregon 97006
Phone: 503.425.5100
Fax: 503.425.5010
Toll-Free: 888.422.8484

Record of Telecon
From: Robert Palma
To: FirstPoint representative, Penni
Date: 2012-06-12

Penni said that FirstPoint, formerly TelData Solutions has been in the telephone line water metering business for 20 years. She said that their product line is in production and continues to be a good business for them.

Penni explained that their product is an interface between:
– a water meter that has an electrical output (a wired output)
– a standard dial phone line, aka POTS line, aka Loop Start line.

Penni said that there are a variety of water meters, that have a wired output, that are compatible with her interface products. The documentation she included specifies these products.

She described the basic product models as: TDS-2, TDS-4, AC-4

Penni provided 5 documents. They are available below.

Going Forward From Here

The existence of a viable, in production wired solution for AMR, via Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) lines has been discovered and made available.

There is no need for me (Robert) to be involved in the interaction/discussion between the Fairfield Water Department and the FirstPoint company.

Download Links

FirstPoint_telephone_line_TDS-2 Installation Manual_042602.doc
FirstPoint_telephone_line_AC-4_Installation Manual_rev2_060502.doc


Metering Over Internet Protocol (IP)

In pursuit of a non-wireless water metering system solution, a concept document has been written, entitled: Metering Over IP.

A manufacturer of metering interface electronics has been located, and thus makes this concept immediately viable.

You may read or download the DRAFT document by Clicking Here.